Monday, August 31, 2009

Email Marketing Tips

I'm currently working on email marketing campaigns using Vertical Response, integrated with Salesforce, and found that it is important to remember the basics including what your purpose is for the email. From the book "Email Marketing An Hour a Day" they talk about the 5 types of emails:

1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Conversion
4. Product Usage
5. Retention and Loyalty


Awareness -- purpose is to ID interest -- use ad type placement in email

Consideration -- purpose is to accelerate interest and qualify -- use way to capture opt-in

Conversion -- to move from marketing to sales funnel after getting a buying signal -- use click-to-call or request demo

Product Usage -- purpose is to drive engagement with brand -- use cross and up-sell offers

Retention and Loyalty-- to deepen relationship -- use value added info (tips, e-newsletters)



Remember when your approach to email is different depending upon your brand awareness.

70% of business emails are opened and read within 3 hours of receipt.


Segment as much as possible and track stats (received, opened, clicked, conversion, bounced, unsubscribe).

HTML or text? Depends on your audience and what they expect. Youtube generation wants design and humour; boomers want the facts. Research your audience before you email ... buy, source free online, or survey.

And don't forget to comply with CAN-SPAM laws 

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